War Pets Guide: Beasts & Skill Picks | Call Of Dragons Guide (2024)

War Pets are coming to Call of Dragons and this is everything you want to know about it!

After the new update, you’ll notice a variety of war pets appearing on your map. They come in four quality levels: Advanced, Epic, Allied, and Legendary. The better the quality, the more powerful the buffs they offer.

But how do you make the most out of these mystical War Pets? Let’s dive in!

In simple terms, higher-level pets like those in Zones 2 and 3 give you a better shot at catching a top-notch pet. But finding these high-level pets can be a bit tricky.

Here’s how you can approach it based on your time availability:

Short on Time? If you’re in a rush, go for pets that are just a quick walk from your city. No fuss, no muss.

Got Some Time? If you’ve got a decent amount of time, you might want to focus on specific pets like golden rocs, regardless of their level. Alternatively, you can aim to catch any pet that’s level 24 or higher.

Plenty of Time? If time’s not an issue, you can go all-in on a single type of pet, like level 25 golden rocs, to maximize your chances of getting the perfect pet.

Personal Preferences: I’m a springwarden, so I love anything that flies and is linked to cavalry or archers. For me, snowpeak rocs and golden rocs are a win.

Your Game Strategy

  • Mages: Go for ice lizards, thunder lizards, or sapphire faedrakes.
  • Archers: Snowpeak rocs are your best bet.
  • Cavalry: Golden rocs and berserk faedrakes are solid choices.
  • Infantry: Bears and sand lizards are up your alley.
  • All-Rounders: Venom lizards work well for all types of legions.

So, depending on your game strategy and time, you can make a smart choice in pet hunting. Happy gaming!

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Table of Contents

  • Call of Dragons War Pets
  • How to Capture War Pet
  • How to Increase Trust to Put War Pets in Legion
  • How to Regenerate War Pet
    • Where to Find More Regen Potions
  • Base Attributes
  • War Pet Management
    • War Pet Skill
    • How to find 1-star Skill Talent
    • Skill Inheritance
  • How to Expand Pet Sanctuary?
  • Types of War Pets
    • Physical vs. Magic Pets
    • Ground vs. Flying Pets
  • Feeding Your Pet
  • Real Battles with War Pets
  • Resources
  • Skill Card Store
  • Conclusion

Call of Dragons War Pets

Pet Sanctuaries are now available! Purify beasts on the world map to allow them to enter your Pet Sanctuary.

Nurture your War Pets and interact with them to get exciting surprises!

War Pets Guide: Beasts & Skill Picks | Call Of Dragons Guide (1)

According to the Merchants’ Guild, Pet Sanctuaries have just been built and will be further improved in the future.

Added a variety of new types of Dark Creatures on the world map. Fight and purify them into War Pets!

Welcome to all new players! Log into the game and upgrade your City to Lvl 4 for a chance to get the Berserk Faedrake War Pet!

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How to Capture War Pet

As you explore the game, you’ll encounter a variety of creatures like Frost Bears, Sand Lizard, Sapphire Faedrake, and Snowpeak Roc.

Simply hit the “Search” button, then click on “Beast.” Scroll through the list and choose the pet you’re after.

Once you spot a War Pet on the map, you have two choices: hunt it or attack it. You’ll need a ‘Warrant’ to capture a pet. You start the game with 2 Warrants, so use them wisely.

Click “Capture,” not “Attack.” I learned this the hard way by accidentally killing a high-level creature.

War Pets Guide: Beasts & Skill Picks | Call Of Dragons Guide (3)

When you click “Capture,” your legions will engage the beast in battle to capture it, and the best part? You won’t consume any Combat Points (CP).

Once you’ve captured a beast, the next crucial step is purification. If you skip this, you risk losing your newly captured creature. So, make it official by clicking “Purify.”

After capturing, the War Pet will show up on your Pet Sanctuary.

Here, you can check its quality, attributes, and skills. This will help you decide if it’s worth your time and resources to train it.

War Pets Guide: Beasts & Skill Picks | Call Of Dragons Guide (4)

How to Increase Trust to Put War Pets in Legion

Before you can pair your War pet with a Legion, you need to increase its trust level to 2.

Trust levels go up every day at resetting when you click the heart or “interact” with your pet.

But remember, only ‘tamed’ pets in your sanctuary will see an increase in trust levels.

In your pet sanctuary, you’ll sometimes notice debris like leaves and wood. Click to clean them up, and you might snag some extra hearts for your pets. You can also give your pets gifts to up their trust levels.

Each pet likes different gifts, so make sure you’re giving them what they want.

You can customize which pets you’re focusing on by ‘taming’ and ‘untaming’ them in your sanctuary. Untamed pets won’t get any trust level boosts. To make the most out of the daily reset, make sure you have your favorites tamed and ready to receive those trust-level bumps.

How to Regenerate War Pet

Want to boost your War Pet’s attributes? Use a Regeneration Potion.

Each time you regenerate your War Pet, its quality, base attributes, and skill slots may change randomly. It’s like a makeover!

Regeneration Potions can be purchased from the Honorary Membership Store or the Merits Store, and can also be gained from Quests and from Pet Sanctuary gifts.

  1. With each regeneration, your War Pet’s Quality, Base Attributes, and Skill slot count will be changed at random. However, its type will remain unchanged.
  2. Your War Pet must be inside your City to regenerate.
  3. You must save after regenerating your War Pet for it to take effect.
War Pets Guide: Beasts & Skill Picks | Call Of Dragons Guide (6)

Regen points are precious because they can significantly alter your pet’s power level. But be warned, it’s tough to hit Legendary status. Some say it’s only a 2% chance.

Where to Find More Regen Potions

Run out of regen potions? No worries, you can get more:

  1. VIP Store: Go to the VIP Store and buy Regen Potions with gems.
  2. Daily Tasks: Complete daily challenges to get one Regen Potion.
  3. Merit Store: Another spot to find weekly supplies of Regen Potions. Just refresh the store for more.

Base Attributes

The War Pets have 6 key attributes: Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Endurance, Luck, and Spirit.

These attributes come with a growth rate that ranges from C to S rank, with S being the highest.

The attributes dictate how effective your pet will be in various situations.

Attributes are determined by their Base Value and Growth Rate:

  1. Base Value and Growth Rate are fixed, but as your War Pet levels up, their attributes will increase.
  2. Formula: Attribute = Base Value + Growth Rate x (War Pet Level -1)
War Pets Guide: Beasts & Skill Picks | Call Of Dragons Guide (7)

War Pet Management

  1. Each Legion can be accompanied by a single War Pet in battle.
  2. The higher a Beast’s level, the higher its likely Quality.
  3. The higher a War Pet’s Quality, the higher its attributes and Skill levels.
  4. You have a limited number of War Pet slots. You can release War Pets to free up space.

War Pet Skill

Be careful when you’re buying and learning skills at the moment. The skill could replace an existing one, and that’s not what you want, especially when it comes to talents. Talents are unique and can’t be bought, only inherited during pet capture.

  • War Pet Skill slots determine the maximum number of Skills your pet can have at a time. War Pet Skill effects are determined by the number of Skills they have, and those Skills’ Star Ratings.
  • War Pets can have up to 8 Skill slots. This number is determined when you catch your War Pet, or when you regenerate them.
  • There are 4 different levels of Skills.
  • When a pet has duplicate Skills, only the highest-level Skill will take effect.
  • There are 6 Skill types. A pet can have up to 3 Skills of the same type.
  • War Pets have both Talent Skills and Common Skills.
    • War Pets’ Talent Skills are determined when they are captured. They are unique to each subtype of War Pet and cannot be learned.
    • You can use Skill Cards to teach them Common Skills so you can customize your pets.
    • You can get Skill Cards from Pet Shops and Events.
    • In the future, there will be a trading system for players.
  • Whenever a War Pet learns a new Skill, it will randomly replace whatever is in an existing Skill slot. Empty Skill slots are more likely to be used if they are available.
  • Only the highest level skill will take effect among different levels of the same skill.
  • You can have up to 3 Skills of the same type. Any further Skills of the same type will not take effect.

How to find 1-star Skill Talent

The trick is to capture high-level war pets.

Get level 25 war pets if possible. The higher the level, the better the odds of landing a war pet with good quality and skills.

Your zone might have different level caps, but the rule of thumb is the same: Go for the highest level you can find.

Timing is also super important!

I’ve noticed that I’m more successful at acquiring 1-star talents during the server’s off-hours, when fewer players are active.

My theory is that the game periodically releases these high-value pets. If you hunt them during quieter hours, you have less competition and a better chance of bagging a winner.

Here’s where it gets crazy. Within a 30-minute span, during a low-activity window, I scored two 1-star skill talent war pets. I got a 1-star Ice Lizard first, followed by a Sand Lizard, both with 1-star talents. It felt like hitting the jackpot, twice!

War Pets Guide: Beasts & Skill Picks | Call Of Dragons Guide (9)

My strategy was to hunt these high-level war pets when I knew fewer people would be online, and it paid off.

If you’re already using a lower star war pet, don’t worry. You can transfer the attributes from your new high-star pet to your old one through skill inheritance (below section).

Skill Inheritance

For instance, if you have an Epic and a Legendary Golden Roc, you could transfer skills from the Epic one to the Legendary one. Doing this will make the Epic pet disappear, and all its skills will move to the Legendary one. But be cautious—this replaces all existing skills on the receiving pet.

First off, if you want to merge two pets, they must be of the same type. So, keep that in mind when capturing beasts.

Adding skills is a bit tricky. It’s a random process, and you could lose a skill if you’re not careful.

My advice: Be 100% sure before you add a skill. Once you click “Abandon,” that skill is gone for good.

The best time to use this feature is when you’ve got:

  1. A Legendary Pet with Awesome Attributes: Let’s say you have a Snow Peak Rock pet with top-notch attributes but no talent.
  2. Another Pet with a Talent but Poor Attributes: Maybe you got another Snow Peak Rock, but this one has a talent and bad attributes.

How to Expand Pet Sanctuary?

Newly caught War Pets will be taken to your Pet Sanctuary as long as there is space remaining.

Use the “Tame” button to swap out War Pets displayed in your Pet Enclosure.

Your Pet Sanctuary starts small but doesn’t have to stay that way.

To make room for more pets, click the plus sign in the pet enclosure section. Spend a few coins, and voila, your sanctuary grows!

War Pets Guide: Beasts & Skill Picks | Call Of Dragons Guide (11)

Types of War Pets

Physical vs. Magic Pets

Different beasts excel in different combat setups.

If you’re running with Marksman, Cavalry, or Infantry, you’ll want to focus on physical beasts. Magic should use magical War Pets, of course.

  • Lizards: Mix of Magical & Physical
  • Berserk Faedrake: Physical
  • Sapphire Faedrake: Magical
  • Golden Roc: Physical
  • Snowpeak Roc: Magical
  • Frostbear: Magical
  • Stripebear: Physical

For those of you leaning towards Mage setups, magical beasts like the Sapphire Fae Drake are your best bet.

Ground vs. Flying Pets

Last but not least, let’s talk about ground and flying pets.

If you pair a flying pet with a flying unit, you can easily bypass obstacles like mountains and rivers.

But if you mix a flying unit with a ground pet, you’ll lose that aerial advantage.

War Pets Guide: Beasts & Skill Picks | Call Of Dragons Guide (12)

Feeding Your Pet

So, you’ve got a pet in the game, and you’re wondering why you should care about feeding it.

Well, here’s the deal: you can’t take your pet outside your city until you reach a “Level 2 Friendship” with it. To get there, you’ll need to feed your pet the right stuff.

When you’re just starting, hit the “Gift” button. You’ll likely get a piece of meat, which is a good way to kickstart your pet’s friendship level. Get it to Level 2, and you can take your pet on adventures outside your city.

War Pets Guide: Beasts & Skill Picks | Call Of Dragons Guide (13)

Different pets have different food preferences. The game even tells you what each pet prefers. If you have a stripe bear, its favorite food is a honey cube.

As you increase your pet’s friendship level, you unlock more features. For example, at “Affection Level 5,” you can even name your pet. So, it’s worth investing time in feeding your pet the right foods to unlock these cool features.

Real Battles with War Pets

No matter what your pet is, it could be a game-changer!

When you set out on a march with your pet, you’ll notice it could have an active skill. Although it might not seem like much, it can deal significant damage, adding an extra layer of strategy to your gameplay.

After each battle, you’ll get a report that shows various stats and buffs. Here, you’ll find details about your pet’s active and passive skills.

Your pet’s attributes, like magic attack, are influenced by its level. As you level up your pet, these attributes increase.

For example, leveling up your Faedrake could give you a 0.2% increase in magic attack. While it might seem small, every bit counts in the heat of battle.

While the game offers a range of skills and attributes, it’s essential to remember that not all of them have a significant impact—at least not initially. As you progress and unlock higher skill levels and rarities, these attributes become more relevant.


Certain activities, such as catching War Pets, require you to spend Warrants. Successfully catching a War Pet costs 1 Warrant. Your Warrants are restored every day at UTC midnight. You can increase your daily Warrant storage limit by enacting certain Policies!

It’s a good idea to use gems to unlock more Warrants quickly. Why? Because more Warrants mean you can capture more pets every day. And the more pets you capture, the more skills you can collect and sell later on. So, boost those warrants and happy capturing!

Coins are for purchasing Pet Skills. As for coins, you have two options: Buy them directly or by selling Pet Skill Cards I snagged mine for just $1 and ended up with a whopping 500 coins, thanks to a special offer.

Pet Tokens are for drawing Pet Skills for free. You can get Pet Tokens by:

  • Interact with your War Pets daily for a chance to receive.
  • Clean your Sanctuary daily for a chance to receive.
  • Obtained by sending gifts to your War Pets.
War Pets Guide: Beasts & Skill Picks | Call Of Dragons Guide (14)

Skill Card Store

Show your War Pet some love with Skill Cards! The Merchants’ Guild of Tegar has generously provided an open forum for the purchase and sale of Skill Cards.


1. Details: Obtain Exchange Coins by selling items, and spend them to buy items.

2. Participants: No restrictions.

3. Item Prices

  • Item prices will change daily depending on the previous day’s price fluctuation.
  • If the previous day’s prices increased by 10%, items must be purchased at 1.3x their price the next day.
  • If the previous day’s prices increased by 30%, no items can be purchased the next day
  • If the previous day’s prices decreased by 10%, items must be placed on the market at 0.64x their price the next day
  • If the previous day’s prices decreased by 30%, no items can be placed on the market the next day.

4. Skill Cards: Skill Card purchases are limited depending on the rarity of the Skill Card. Purchase limits will be reset at the beginning of a new Season.


  • Items cannot be bought when out of stock. Please wait for them to be restocked.
  • Your purchases and sales will be recorded for your convenience. You can store records of up to 2000 transactions.


Pets add a layer of complexity and strategy to the game. Understanding their skills, attributes, and impact can give you an edge in battles. So, invest time in leveling up your pet and analyzing battle reports to maximize your gameplay.

Thanks for reading, and if you’re looking for more tips on heroes, artifacts, or cards, check out our other guides. Happy gaming!

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War Pets Guide: Beasts & Skill Picks | Call Of Dragons Guide (2024)
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