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Everything you must know about Call of Dragons Heroes to maximize the power of your Legions in the game, while also skyrocketing your gameplay progression.

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Hero Medals

In Call of Dragons, the medals are used for upgrading the star level of your heroes.

Medals have 3 rarities: Elite, Epic, and Legendary. Which are used for heroes with the same rarity tier.

There are 3 types of Medals, which offer different amounts of Star Experience for upgrading the Heroes: Medal (100 EXP), Titan Medal (300 EXP), and Lucky Medal (1,000 EXP).

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⭐⭐500 EXP
⭐⭐⭐1,500 EXP
⭐⭐⭐⭐10,000 EXP
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐27,000 EXP

Players can obtain Medals for upgrading heroes from different sources in Call of Dragons:

  • Opening Chests: Silver & Golden Chests.
  • Purchasing from VIP Shop.
  • Obtaining from various events.
  • Goblin Markets.
  • Bundles.
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EXP Point

Each Hero can go up from level 1 to level 60. Each level gives them 1 talent point.

The hero also gains 7 talent points every time they gain a new star level.

The Hero EXP requirements are based on their rarities. Legendary Heroes need more EXP than Epic Heroes, while Rare Heroes need the least.

Below is the list of the amount of EXP you need to level up your Heroes:

LevelEXP RequiredLevelEXP Required

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Upgrading Hero Skills

Players need to use specific Hero Tokens (Shards) to upgrade their skill levels.

Each rarity of Heroes requires a different amount of resources to level up skills.

The Hero Tokens are super important in Call of Dragons, because they are hard to obtain and it can easily determine how strong your armies are throughout the gameplay.

While it can be easy to upgrade Elite and Epic Heroes, upgrading Legendary heroes is a totally different story. Collecting Legendary hero tokens are super hard, and when you upgrade the skills, a random unlocked skill will get upgraded.

This is also why it’s recommended to max out the first skill of any Epic/Legendary hero first before upgrading their stars (When you upgrade star level, a new skill will get unlocked).

# UpgradeEliteEpicLegendary

There is a term about skill in Call of Dragons. When you see people talking about a hero with a 5-1-1-1 skill set, which means that the hero has 4 unlocked skills, and the first skill is maxed (level 5).

Similarly, 5-3-2-1 means the first skill of that hero is maxed, while the 2nd skill is at level 3, the 3rd skill is at level 2, and the 4th skill is at level 1.

After maxing all of the Hero skills, you will unlock a special skill, the 5th skill. The 5th skill can’t be leveled up.

How to obtain Hero Tokens / Shards?

  • Doing Dragon Trail campaigns (Advanced and Elite).
  • Purchasing VIP Bundles.
  • Finishing Events.
  • Upgrading VIP levels.
  • Getting in-game bundles.
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Talent Tree

This is definitely one of the best parts of the game that definitely makes it super strategic.

By adjusting the hero talent tree, you can build up your own Heroes the way you want them to be.

Each hero has 3 main talent trees, with dozens of different skills and bonuses inside each tree. You are free to level up any nodes within each tree to strengthen the hero’s power with talent points. Optimize them to fit your playstyle.

From level 1 to level 60, you can get 67 talent points in total.

Do note that if you are using 2 heroes in a Legion, only the primary hero’s talents matter. The secondary hero talents don’t take effect.

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Hero Artifact

This is also another fun part of the game.

The Artifact is what your Heroes equip, giving you special abilities with different buffs as well. Some help you become invisible, some deal massive AoE damage, some increase the structure building speed, etc.

Depending on how you use it, it could be a make-or-break.

Make sure you check their skills clearly before equipping them. For example, you don’t want to use a physical-damage artifact for your magic-damage Heroes.

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Hero Pairing

When you have 2 heroes in 1 army or Legion, it is called a Hero pair.

In order to use 2 heroes in a Legion, you must upgrade the primary hero to 3-star (or unlock their 3rd skill).

Only the primary hero talent tree, equipment, skills, and level will take effect. The secondary hero skills are the only thing that matters. So, your secondary hero doesn’t have to have a high level or equip great artifacts.

The higher level your hero is, the more troops they can bring (troop capacity). Troop Capacity can be also increased by upgrading the Main Hall, using different Hero Skills, talent trees, or some buffs.

​Here are some of the best hero pairings at the moment that you can take a look at. Don’t hesitate to share your current pairings below if you think they are better!

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Call Of Dragons Heroes Guide | Call Of Dragons Guide (2024)
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