Call Of Dragons Review - Is It Worth Playing? (2023) (2024)

Looking for a quick review regarding the upcoming huge mobile RTS game of 2023, Call of Dragons?

We have tested the game for over 3 months, and here are our in-depth review on it.

Farlight Games recently set our hearts ablaze with excitement after announcing Call of Dragons – a brand-new game set to sizzle onto iOS and Android mobile devices this year.

To celebrate, Producers Xiao Fu and Da He presented an incredible new video to introduce the game to the world and show us all how Legou and Farlight Games are bringing the magic of their past titles to create an incredible, epic experience on our mobile screens. In a show of epic proportions, pre-registration is now open on the official website.

Just don’t forget to sign up or the dragons will eat you alive! And who doesn’t appreciate a good dragon or two?

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Call of Dragons Features:

  • Discover a New Dimension: Climb the clouds and traverse rugged mountain ranges and wide oceans, waging war and competing in breath-taking 3D battles fought on land, in the air, and even on dragon-back. A sky ruler reigns supreme!
  • Fight with Strategies: Assemble a team of up to five legions and fight for ultimate victory, solo or team-up for fierce PVP showdowns, and take on massive 40-player dungeons and legendary enemies with powerful spells and tactics.
  • Unity is the key: With every character’s contribution being invaluable and crucial, forging an alliance is essential when it comes to success! Everyone should pitch in and work together, ’cause you know, “the more the merrier”!
  • Dragon Lord: Capture and command all-powerful dragons, taming the feral flames, and training them to become lethal weapons. Summon them to the battlefield and let their fiery destruction reign over all!
  • Explore the Unknown World: Set out and discover the untamed world of Call of Dragons, with a sprawling map that offers endless adventure and unforgettable experiences. Explore, challenge and claim new territories and use your dragon to scout hard-to-reach places, because “no mountain too tall and no sea too wide”!

Call of Dragons Review

World Map

Call of Dragons is the ultimate homage to classic fantasy games and role-playing, but with a twist: this game is as realistic and multi-faction as it gets! Boasting an impressive 3.88 million square kilometer 3D map – filled with all types of terrain and biomes – this online world is sure to keep you entertained.

Add to that the colorful characters you take into each fight, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate challenge as you seek to defeat your opponents in every physical and mental battle.

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But don’t worry, no matter how you play, Da He and Xiao Fu have packed this game with features to suit everyone’s needs, no matter their interests and preferences – even those of you who prefer a little more fantasy in your realism. Now just imagine what you can get done if dragons ever existed… Just think of the possibilities, the challenges, and most importantly, all the fun that awaits you!


Enter a world of fantasy and adventure with Call of Dragons’ Tamaris! As a brave commander, you’ll be responsible for maintaining your own village and building an army of strong warriors and ferocious dragons.

Then, join forces with other stunningly skilled commanders and take on massive battles on land and in the skies. Jokes and laughter will be sure to come along the way – after all, who doesn’t like a good chuckle while slaying the bad guys?

Even better, the more you play, the more you’ll learn about the land’s remarkable magical races and how your decisions and actions shape the world. So get ready for a one-of-a-kind, epic journey filled with incredible battles, mystical creatures, and, of course, lots of laughter!

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Call of Dragons is more than mere battle domination; it’s a world of exploration and adventure! Take time to explore its vast villages and global locales, and you’ll uncover secrets about its lore, participate in side-quests for “Song Fragments” with great rewards, and enjoy dozens of mini-games.

Plus, the enemies in Call of Dragon are actually really punny – ‘Dragon your feet off!’

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Combat System

Call of Dragons boasts an amazing roster of fantasy-themed heroes, factions, and a visually stunning game world. As you go on a quest to complete tasks and missions, you unlock magical ‘Artifacts’ that will power up your hero.

Grow your little town into a flourishing kingdom, equipped with the best armor and weaponry in the game. Then team up with allies and hunt down behemoths to turn them to your side. Or, if you get bored with combat, you can explore different places and unlock mini-games, side quests, and Song Fragments.

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Disperse the shards of ancient melodies and you’ll be able to peep into Tamaris’ past and revel in its rich history and lore. And when you’re done, you can simply zoom back with the infinitely zoomable map and join your friends in a jiffy! Plus, you never know what else you’ll find – like coins from the fountain of youth, or unlimited candy from a magical tree. Who knows?


Are you looking for a dragon-filled adventure? Look no further! Developed by Legou and published by Farlight Games, Call of Dragons is currently accepting pre-registrations through its official website – perfect timing for those of us who want to start their dragon-slaying journey right away.

Pre-registration comes with bountiful rewards to help get you started on your path to dragon domination – getting the jump on the competition is an added bonus! So what are you waiting for? Sign up on the official website and get ready to embark on a dragons-filled adventure. Just watch out for their fire breath – it’s not fun!

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Call Of Dragons Review - Is It Worth Playing? (2023) (2024)
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