Who Is Ash Kash? (Everything To Know) (2024)

Who Is Ash Kash? (Everything To Know) (1)

Ash Kash is a new rising star who has become increasingly popular.

Her career as a social media influencer has just begun, but she is steamrolling through follower and subscriber milestones at a rapid pace.

With her international popularity on the rise, it will be interesting to see what this social media influencer decides to do with her newfound fame.

Who Is Ash Kash?

Ash Kash, better known as Ash Kaashh, is a popular TikTok star who specializes in fashion, fitness, and nail art.

She is also known for her role on the popular content site OnlyFans and has become increasingly popular on Instagram.

Ash Kaashh works as a model and has worked with companies such as Fashion Nova through their influencer program.

When she isn’t posting selfies on Instagram, Kaash likes to voice her opinion on Twitter and offer bits of advice that she has learned through her own experiences.


— ashaley 🦋 (@ash_kaashh) August 14, 2022


— ashaley 🦋 (@ash_kaashh) August 11, 2022

Similar to many models and social media influencers, Ash Kaashh has taken advantage of the OnlyFans platform in order to help support herself financially and help some of her fans find the more content they’re looking for.

Kaashh charges $49.99 for a subscription for her OnlyFans account, but she had only posted about 21 photos as of early 2022.

Despite the small number of posts that she’s made, she has already received over 6,400 likes on her account.

Before becoming a social media influencer, Ash Kaashh was a nail artist working out of Chicago, Illinois.

Her newfound fame has allowed Kaashh to live a lavish lifestyle, which she is always eager to show off on social media.

Ash Kaashh is a Chicago native who was born on January 15th of 1998.

She first sprang into the spotlight after social media rapper 1nonly wrote and named one of his tracks after his favorite Instagram model.

Kaash loves to give relationship advice to her followers, especially regarding how she feels a woman should be treated in a relationship.

The reason some relationships don’t work cause y’all looking for benefits. This back and forth about what women bring, and what men bring is getting old. Y’all want someone who benefits you. Instead of someone who you actually enjoy.

— ashaley 🦋 (@ash_kaashh) August 27, 2022

The reality is… None of us are easy to be with. We all suffer from something, so when you meet someone who's willing to stay committed to understanding you & actually wants to grow with you. Don't let your ego & pride ruin it.

— ashaley 🦋 (@ash_kaashh) August 20, 2022

She is best known for saying, “If you’ve been dating a man for more than a year, and he ain’t take you anywhere tropical then, baby, that ain’t yo man.”

Did Ash Kaashh Delete Her TikTok Account?

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Yes, Ash Kaashh deleted her massively popular TikTok account as seen by the link in her Instagram bio.

The only accounts that Kaash currently has posted on are her Twitter, her Instagram, her OnlyFans, and a directory to her business email.

At this time, Ash Kaashh has three million followers on Instagram, and the platform has become her replacement for TikTok.

Although her rise to popularity originally started by lip-syncing on the platform, Kaassh has moved her focus to Instagram and Twitter.

Kaashh’s Instagram page features her travels around the world and her many designer outfits.

Some of her most recent posts have been about the outfits she wears while she walks her new French Bulldog, Astro.

Ash Kaashh loves to show off her body in a variety of swimsuits since she is normally poolside or oceanside.


— ashaley 🦋 (@ash_kaashh) August 20, 2022


Kaashh can often be seen in short tennis skirts and tight-fitting outfits that accentuate her curvy figure.

While some people may like to use Instagram as a way to share their thoughts alongside photos, Kaashh prefers to keep her captions short and let the photos do the speaking for her.

The comment sections of her photos are flooded with adoring fans who all wish for just an ounce of her attention.

When Ash Kaashh isn’t posting another photo of one of her heavily stylized outfits, she’s on Twitter hoping to help fans to relate to her most closely as a person.

On August 26th of 2022, Kaashh took to Twitter to talk about the sweet moments she has been able to share with her boyfriend, such as sitting in his passenger seat while drunkenly singing him love songs.

I love being drunk in the passenger seat singing love songs to my man 😭

— ashaley 🦋 (@ash_kaashh) August 27, 2022

Kaashh also frequently hands out relationship advice for both romantic relationships and familial relationships.

Ash Kaashh is teaching her followers who to look out for in their lives.

What Beauty Business Does Ash Kaashh Own?

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Ash Kaashh owns From Heaven to You Nails, which was inspired by her work as a nail artist before she became an internet celebrity.

When Kaashh first began Heaven Sent Nails, she was only 23 years old and quickly found success after starting her new beauty brand.

According to an interview with Sheen Magazine, Kaashh explained that her rise to fame was so quick and random that it actually shocked her.

After one of her photos went viral, Kaashh began being requested to work with many of her favorite brands.

Ash Kaashh was first inspired to create Heaven Sent Nails when she discovered how damaging artificial nails can be.

She wanted to show the world that press-on nails were not only easier to apply, but were also much better for your natural nail.

As a nail artist, Kaashh saw first-hand what can happen to the natural nail bed when using more popular artificial nails such as acrylic or gel nails.

Not only are press-on nails better for your nail, but they’re better for your entire body because they don’t pose such long-term health problems as those caused by the chemicals in acrylic and gel nails.

From Heaven to You offers only a select few designs, including cow print, blue and gold foil, and multiple color paint splatter.

They also have color-themed sets that consist of solid color nails for the majority of your fingers and feature translucent, bejeweled statement nails.

The company began posting product photos on June 9th of 2020, but it seems that work on the company has come to standstill.

The last time Kaash posted on her brand’s Instagram page was on August 29th of 2020.

There is no news of Ash Kaashh continuing the brand due to her keeping her off-camera life private.

How Did Ash Kaashh Get So Rich?

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Ash Kaashh has earned most of her wealth through her work as a model, social media influencer, and business owner.

The majority of her income comes from the brand deals she makes and her OnlyFans account.

Kaashh found a new wave in popularity when she posted a photo of the phrase, “I’m Going to Be a Millionaire,” on Instagram shortly before she hit that financial milestone.

One of her most successful ways of earning an income has been the sponsored posts that she makes on Instagram for brands such as Fashion Nova.

Ash Kaashh is always willing to accept new brand partnerships and has a starting asking price of $25,000 per brand endorsem*nt.

This new level of wealth has allowed the young social media star to create the life that she always wanted to live for both herself and her family.

Now that she doesn’t have to worry about her next paycheck, Kaashh has been living her dream of traveling the world and regularly visiting tropical locations.

She is believed to make about $500,000 annually, but this number has yet to be confirmed.

One year for her birthday, Ash Kaashh got to enjoy a vacation to Istanbul, Turkey.

Like a true fashionista, Kaashh wore a little black dress with a gold chain accent to celebrate her special day.

Kaashh is frequently seen wearing Dior jewelry and carrying Louis Vuitton handbags to help show off her financial success.

Thanks to her work with the fast and affordable fashion brand, Fashion Nova, Kaashh is able to enjoy higher-end brands.

To help Fashion Nova’s products seem like the beak of luxury, Kaashh will often pair her Fashion Nova outfits with high-end accessories.

Kaashh knows how to make an unimaginable profit off of her body.

Is Ash Kaashh Dead?

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No, Ash Kaashh is not dead, contrary to rumors of the young social media star’s passing.

These rumors began after Kaashh hadn’t posted on social media for only a few hours before people began to wonder where the model had gone.

The public jumped to the worst conclusion, and rumors of the model’s death spread across the internet like wildfire.

Despite not having received an official statement from her social media page or any family members, fans prepared for her Instagram account to memorialize her.

News sources that were reporting her death had taken the information from a random social media user.

With news outlets reporting the young media star to be dead, fans began flooding Facebook with requests to memorialize her social media pages.

A Twitter user shared the screenshot of the email that Facebook had sent, confirming the fact that Ash Kaashh’s pages had been memorialized.

Facebook quickly realized that Kaashh was still alive and was actively posting across her other social media pages while this was going on.

Kaashh’s social media accounts are no longer memorialized, and she continues to post frequently to this day.

Following the event, Kaashh even received a follow from legendary rapper, Snoop Dogg.

The memorialization of her social media pages shocked her fans and even those who weren’t fond of the young influencer.

There are sections of common responses to the star’s alleged death, which included those who didn’t believe it, those who were devastated by the news, and those who wanted to talk about how they still wanted to have a sexual relationship with Kaashh.

Ash Kaashh’s most loyal fans found the fact that anyone would believe Kaashh to be dead strange, and even stranger were those who still couldn’t get over the fact that they wanted to have a sexual relationship with her.

What Is Ash Kaashh’s Clothing Brand?

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Ash Kaashh is the lead mind behind the Fatal Attraction Collection, a unisex clothing brand inspired by Kaashh’s love of anime and her love of showing off her body.

Although the young social media star may be known for her love of tightly fitting clothing, her casual clothing brand consists mainly of hoodies and crewneck sweaters.

At this time, the Fatal Attraction Collection only has five products for consumers to choose from.

The cheapest product that Ash Kaashh’s line has is a $40 t-shirt that features an anime-styled portrait of herself in a red or blue bikini.

Kaashh has also designed $60 gym shorts that have the brand’s name in quotation marks in a basic white font.

The shorts come in four different colors, including white, black, gray, and aqua.

One of their most stylized designs features an anime-inspired version of Ash Kaashh dressed up as some of the most popular characters from The Last Airbender franchise, including Princess Azula, a gender-bent Aang, and Katara.

This design is featured on both Fatality hoodies and sweatshirts.

The most expensive product in Ash Kaashh’s clothing line is her $100 Fatal Attraction Hoodie, which features the same design as her $40 t-shirt.

Those interested in purchasing one of her products should be warned that there is no return policy in place, nor do they have a way to exchange their goods or a policy regarding refunds.

Instead, the Fatal Attraction Collection recommends that you inspect your order as soon as you receive it and contact them through their business email to allow them to assess the problem.

Nobody knows if Ash Kaashh will continue her clothing line, especially since the Instagram page for the clothing brand no longer exists, and she doesn’t talk about it on social media anymore.

Who Is Ash Kaash Dating?

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Ash Kaashh is currently dating the Atlanta Hawks’ young point guard, Sharife Cooper.

Fans believe that one of Kaashh’s most recent viral posts using the “When your sugar daddy finally asks for some sugar” format was in reference to Cooper.

Although Cooper seemed to have everything right in his life like a model girlfriend and career in the National Basketball Association, it seems that his professional basketball career may have ended with his former professional league.

Now that Sharife Cooper is no longer with the Atlanta Hawks, he has recently signed with the College Park Skyhawks.

The Skyhawks are members of the National Basketball Association G League, which is considered to only be one level below the National Basketball Association with the Hawks.

By joining the local minor league team, the Atlanta Hawks can keep a close eye on the young point guard as he makes the necessary improvements that he needs to return to the Atlanta Hawks.

If he can improve enough, fans believe that Cooper will be able to make it back to his original team.

According to Atlanta Hawks coach Nick Van Exel, Sharife Cooper is an incredibly talented player.

However, Van Exel found that the young athlete wasn’t quite ready for the major league and needed more time before he could live up to the expectations of the major league.

Some believe that Cooper will have a better chance of returning to the major league if he plays for another major league team’s minor league counterpart.

Despite the damper on his career, his relationship with Ash Kaashh seems to be as strong as ever.

On Twitter, Kaashh has been discussing how much she appreciates having her man in her life.

She’s even posted pictures of them together on the platform, offering fans a glimpse into her private life.

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Who Is Ash Kash? (Everything To Know) (2024)
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