Rydell Virtual Wait: Oil Change Service | Grand Forks, ND (2024)

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*If your vehicle is under any manufacturer maintenance program, pleaseselect the applicable dealership.

Rydell Virtual Wait FAQ

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Do I have to make an appointment?

No, Rydell Virtual Wait is a virtual queue that you can join on a first come, first served basis, meaning there is no appointment necessary.

How does the waitlist work?

The virtual waitlist is an automated system that you can access online at RydellVirtualWait.com. When you arrive at the site, select “join waitlist” for your desired oil change location. You will then be prompted to fill in your name, phone number, and vehicle information. After you click “confirm,” you will be added to the waitlist. The system will provide you with updates on estimated time remaining until it’s your turn. When the wait time is down to 25 minutes or less, you will receive a text instructing you to start heading to Rydell. When an oil change lane becomes available, you will receive a text message instructing you to pull up to a specified door.

What if I live an hour away and I cannot make it on time?

The automated system allows a feature where you can send text messages to an advisor and notify if there will be any sort of delay. This will ensure you are able to stay on the list and we will be able to serve you when you arrive.

How do I remove myself from the waitlist?

We offer three different ways to remove yourself from the waitlist. You can text the number you received a confirmation message from and let them know you will no longer be able to make it and would like to be removed from the list. You can also call us at (701) 757-6110. Additionally, there is an option to click “cancel” within the link that was sent to your mobile phone.

Where do I wait if I can no longer pull up to the door?

Since there is no longer an option to drive up to the door, we have created a new parking space for the virtual wait. Look for the signs saying “Rydell Virtual Wait Parking.” This is located right behind the garage doors with a designated row that allows you to park and wait until you receive a text directing you to which door to pull up to.

How will I know if it’s my turn or what position I am on the waitlist?

You will receive a text message on your mobile phone with an attached link. This link will bring you to a webpage where you can click “view waitlist.” The waitlist then shows you your place in line and gives you an estimated time (updated regularly) of when we will get your vehicle in. When it is your turn, you will receive a text message directing you to which garage door to pull up to.

I don’t text or use technology; is there another way I can sign up?

You can call our Customer Care Department at (701) 757-6110 and they will be able to assist you with signing up for the Rydell Virtual Waitlist. You are also able to stop in and speak with a quick lube advisor to be added to our waitlist. The waitlist will also be shown in the waiting area inside Rydell.

What if I entered the wrong phone number and I am not receiving text messages?

Just give us a call at (701) 757-6110 and we will be able to update any incorrect information that is needed for you to receive incoming messages for the waitlist.

Can I sign up for future dates/times?

Future dates/times will not be available as this system is on a first come, first served basis. The waitlist is for that current day which will provide you with an estimated wait calculated based on the number of people who are currently in front of you. However, we do have an appointment lane if a specific time or date is needed. You can call or text us at (701) 772-7211 to schedule a future date and time.

When I signed up, my estimated wait was 2 hours, but I am getting told to head to the dealership after only 30 minutes. Why is this happening?

The wait time given to you is an estimated time based on the number of people in front of you, along with the number of oil change lanes currently open. This time may be adjusted up or down as guests leave the virtual waitlist or oil change lane availability changes. The waitlist time is available to you through the link provided in the text message previously sent to you.

I would like to come at noon, can I join the queue in advance?

Yes, you can absolutely join the line. However, because this is a first come, first served queue, your turn may arrive before or after noon. If you are unable to arrive when notified, you can text back “delayed.” If you have a specific time that will work best for you, our appointment lane is also available for set time slots.

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Rydell Virtual Wait: Oil Change Service | Grand Forks, ND (2024)
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