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Peterbilt 281/351
Peterbilt 281 - WikiMili, The Best Wikipedia Reader (2)

Line-up of three mid-1960s Peterbilt 281s

Type Truck
Manufacturer Peterbilt
Assembly Oakland, California
Body and chassis
Bodystyle 2-door truck
PredecessorPeterbilt 280/350
SuccessorPeterbilt 359

The Peterbilt 281/351 is a line of tractor units built by Peterbilt between 1954 and 1976. The 281 series had a single drive axle, the 351 two. It was very popular with truckers, with the 351 series outlasting the 281.


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The Peterbilt 281 emerged from Peterbilt's assembly plant in Oakland, California in 1954.

It earned the nickname "Needlenose" from its narrow nose and butterfly hood, popular with truckers for ease of engine access and superior visibility. Like its companion series 351, it had only two small round headlights.

Remaining in production until 1976, the 281/351 was a durable and popular series. The basic design made way for different models, with tilt cab-over-engine models introduced in 1959. [1]

A model 281 was prominently featured in the made-for-TV movie Duel , directed by 23-year-old Steven Spielberg, [2] in 1971. [1] When the film was released theatrically in overseas markets, additional scenes were filmed in order to lengthen it to 90-minute feature length. These additional scenes were shot with a Peterbilt 351, modified to match the original 281 as closely as possible.

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Peterbilt 281 - WikiMili, The Best Wikipedia Reader (21)

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