My Leaf: Is This The Best Alternative to NissanConnect EV? - Green Car Future (2024)

In a previous article, we outlined some of the fundamental issues that users were having with the official NissanConnect EV app for smartphone and smart watch. This app is currently available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store, but unfortunately has failed to even exceed 2 stars after thousands of negative user ratings and reviews.

Frustrated users complained about connectivity, lack of response from the technical support team, inability to update and then crashing after performing updates…the list goes on. It was summed up by many commentators as simply, “It doesn’t work.” In today’s blog, therefore, we are exploring third-party solutions that have already been created and released to solve the problem, most notably My Leaf.

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1My Leaf

1.1My Leaf: Features

1.2My Leaf: Requirements

1.4My Leaf: Warranty

2Other Nissan Leaf Third-Party Apps

2.1Leaf Spy Pro ($14.99 on Google Play)

2.2QuickLeaf (Free on Google Play)

2.3Control App for Nissan Leaf ($3.99 on Google Play)

2.4Leaf Connect (Free on Google Play)

3Conclusion: Best Alternative to NissanConnect?

My Leaf

My Leaf: Is This The Best Alternative to NissanConnect EV? - Green Car Future (1)

My Leaf is our focus app in today’s blog, but we will also look into other third-party apps later in the piece. My Leaf was first released back in 2018 in the wake of a tidal wave of scathing reviews of Nissan’s official NissanConnect EV app. The official app was dogged by complaints of it connecting slowly, being impossible to login, not responding to climate controls and much more. The My Leaf app contains all the same functions as Nissan’s appl but even with a few updated features like detailed trip history.

The creator of My Leaf is called Tobias Kjeldsen, and part of the reason that his app has achieved a rating of 4.6 after 526 reviews (unlike Nissan’s 1.7 after more than 5,000 reviews) on Google Play is that users love his hands-on approach.

My Leaf: Features

The main features of the app are as follows:

  • Battery statistics: These include the current charge status and the available range
  • Charging Control: Allows for scheduling and remote starting charge
  • Climate Control: Allows driver to set the interior temperature remotely and establish inner environment remotely
  • Vehicle Location
  • Detail trip history: with stats on distances traveled, power used, etc.
  • Daily Statistics: Helps you to understand your power usage and efficiency each day, which you can use to alter habits and boost efficiency

My Leaf: Requirements

If you are reading this and already heading to Google Play or the Apple App Store to install this alternative, you should first be aware of some requirements. Firstly, and arguably the most important requirement is that you need an existing NissanConnect account for My Leaf to work properly. Some users have complained that the app doesn’t automatically connect to their car, but the main reason for that has been that the user has not set up the NissanConnect account on the official app. You’ll need your Nissan app login info to use My Leaf properly. Don’t skip that step.

Secondly, besides having a NissanConnect account, you must also have an active subscription with them. If you don’t, then My Leaf won’t work. Finally, ensure that you are using the latest-available version of your smartphone’s operating system to ensure that the updated app will continue to work properly.

My Leaf: Problems & Limitations

My Leaf: Is This The Best Alternative to NissanConnect EV? - Green Car Future (2)

Whilst the My Leaf app has some great reviews, the creator of My Leaf doesn’t shy away from being honest about some of the issues with his app. First of all, he points out to users that because his app relies on the same API as the NissanConnect EV app, that when NissanConnect is having issues, so too does his app.

While My Leaf solves many of the immediate problems like connectivity, access to data and right-here right-now functionality — which is what users have said they like — it is vulnerable to fundamental problems with the NissanConnect system. They are inextricably linked, which means that if for whatever reason NissanConnect is down or not working properly, then your My Leaf app won’t work either.

This issue doesn’t seem to stop the vast majority of its users from having a positive user experience. The other drawback is that to get the most out of the app you will have to pay some money. On the APP store, the app is currently about $1 to download, and then there are some additional in-app purchases you can make. If this bothers you, then you’ll have to stick with Nissan, but if not then be prepared to spend a little to get all the features.

My Leaf: Warranty

Some raise the question of whether or not using a third-party app would impact the car’s warranty. In this case, using My Leaf doesn’t impact your car’s warranty. The warranty is only voided when you make unauthorized modifications or add non-approved third-party components to your car. In this case, you are not doing that.

My Leaf requires an active NissanConnect subscription account to work properly. In this sense, it is more of a supporting app rather than a stand-alone or a new component that you have installed to replace an old one. It doesn’t replace NissanConnect, but merely provides a better platform through which it can work.

Other Nissan Leaf Third-Party Apps

My Leaf is certainly among the most successful and popular third-party alternatives to the official NissanConnect app, but it is by no means the only one out there. One of the reasons that My Leaf has enjoyed success is that it follows Nissan’s own API. This is why it has continued to work even when Nissan updated the API, at which point some other alternative apps stopped working. Here are some other options should you wish to explore them:

Leaf Spy Pro ($14.99 on Google Play)

This app has received a total of 3.7 stars on Google Play after 581 reviews at the time of writing this blog. In general, it’s viewed as a strong alternative to NissanConnect, though it doesn’t offer the same kinds of control functions. This app is actually designed to work together with an OBD-II Bluetooth adapter to provide you with diagnostic information that usually only the dealership would have access to.

It tells you the current voltage in each battery cell, the battery temperature, odometer readings, charge level and more. It is therefore a good app for those who perhaps aren’t as interested in remote functions but want to keep an eye on the health of their car’s battery. This makes it a good choice for the more technically minded Leaf driver.

Users have praised the app’s features, but have also mentioned that it can be a little fiddly at first and the UI is not the most intuitive. They also point to the high price point to get the pro version.

QuickLeaf (Free on Google Play)

My Leaf: Is This The Best Alternative to NissanConnect EV? - Green Car Future (3)

This app is quite similar to My Leaf app in that it offers an alternative to remote controlling your Nissan Leaf. It allows you to control the AC, check the battery status, start the charging process remotely and more. It does follow Nissan’s API so it is still functioning at full capacity, and like My Leaf it requires users to have an active NissanConnect account and login info to work properly.

Users have rated it 4.3 stars after 277 reviews. They praise its simplicity and visually pleasing UI in particular. They also remark that like My Leaf, it is far faster and more reliable than the official Nissan app. The main drawbacks of the app seem to be in its somewhat limited functions, and there are some users who say they get error messages when trying to use the AC controls, but these are also minor faults resulting in 4 stars rather than 5 stars.

Control App for Nissan Leaf ($3.99 on Google Play)

This app offers you a way to reliably monitor your Nissan Leaf charging and alerts you when the Leaf has reached its optimum charge rate. You can also remotely control the AC either immediately or via scheduled activation and deactivation, which allows you the luxury to set up your environment settings in advance and then just sit back and wait for them to happen as you need them.

It has a pretty solid 4.3-star rating on Google Play after 34 reviews. Users have commented that the climate control function isn’t working as it should but you could expect those to be fixed by the creators at some point. As with My Leaf, some users also pointed to occasional clunky or slow performance, but this is once again due to problems in Nissan’s own API infrastructure.

Leaf Connect (Free on Google Play)

This is a nice free option for battery monitoring and for scheduling charge and climate controls. We thought we’d include this one in the list since the creator points out quite clearly that it doesn’t work on Leaf models from 2019 onwards. It’s a good option if you have an older Leaf.

It’s rated at 3.7 stars after 62 reviews. There have apparently been some issues with the login and region settings that the developer is working on. Other than that, it’s a solid, free option.

Conclusion: Best Alternative to NissanConnect?

In our view, My Leaf still offers the best all-round alternative to NissanConnect EV. Other apps offer some different things to those who seek particular functions, but for a more comprehensive app and like-for-like replacement of NissanConnect EV, My Leaf is the best-performing option.

Whichever app you end up using, be sure that it’s compatible with your Nissan’s model year. The apps with most functionality are the ones that follow Nissan’s own API. Those that don’t follow it can’t provide anything like the same function. To that end, which ever app you choose that follows Nissan’s API is also subject to Nissan’s system infrastructure failings. Remember that before you bash the app for being slow or having connection problems one day.

My Leaf: Is This The Best Alternative to NissanConnect EV? - Green Car Future (2024)


What is the alternative to NissanConnect EV? ›

'My Leaf' a third party alternative to NissanConnect EV app.

Is NissanConnect EV being discontinued? ›

Nissan told the BBC: "The NissanConnect EV app currently linked to Nissan Leaf and e-NV200 vehicles produced up until 2016 will shut down from 1 April 2024 in preparation of the 2G technology sunset."

Is Nissan phasing out LEAF? ›

Nissan has announced it will phase out the current generation of the pioneering and now iconic Nissan Leaf electric car by the mid-2020s. This means 2024 will likely be the last full year it will still be available for sale, after two model generations and 13 years.

Is Nissan retiring the LEAF? ›

Nissan announced its plans to discontinue the Leaf, moving its focus and efforts to its more expensive and larger EV, the new Ariya.

How to get NissanConnect for free? ›

Most Nissan vehicles manufactured in 2020 or newer, such as the Rogue or Pilot, receive a free 3-year trial subscription to NissanConnect. Feature availabilities depend on the model, trim level, packages, and other options. You can access your free trial by downloading the NissanConnect App on your smart device.

What app works for Nissan LEAF? ›

The NissanConnect® EV & Services app is designed exclusively to manage the unique features of the Nissan LEAF, while the MyNISSAN app helps owners of all other Nissan vehicles—including the ARIYA—get the most out of their ownership experience.

How long does NissanConnect last? ›

2 Nissan offers a variety of NissanConnect® Services packages, including a 5-year Select package trial and a 3-year Premium package trial for you to try out and choose from to best suit your needs.

Is Nissan EV Connect free? ›

Every new Nissan comes with a 30-day free trial of the Wi-Fi hotspot. After the trial period, the plan costs $20 per month.

What will replace EVs? ›

While electric vehicles (EVs) are having a moment right now, there is an offshoot product looking to replace the battery-powered EV: hydrogen cars. Unlike traditional EVs, which draw electricity directly from a battery source, hydrogen cars mix hydrogen and oxygen into a fuel cell to produce electricity.

What is Nissan replacing the Leaf with? ›

And no, it is not the Ariya, Nissan's second mass-market EV, this compact EV was never planned to be the Leaf's replacement. What we know now is that Nissan may replace the Leaf with a coupe-like crossover SUV similar to the concept car aptly named “Chill-Out” that the automaker revealed in 2021.

Why is Nissan Leaf not selling well? ›

The dull driving demeanor and modest range have hampered our enthusiasm for the Leaf and likely kept it from reaping the benefits of surging interest in EVs.

What is the disadvantage of Nissan Leaf? ›

The Leaf needs a decent rear camera Nissan has factory all-weather floor mats but NOT for the rear cargo area. Even the dealer didn't know this because I paid them for all 5 mats and they were shocked the cargo mat that arrived was carpet. The poodle likes to swim and carpet back there wasn't going to work.

Is the Nissan Leaf still worth buying? ›

Although it's still a solid EV on balance, the Leaf faces far more competition than it once did, and in many ways, it's been lapped by today's all-electric-powered vehicle onslaught—including Nissan's own new and coming models.

Why did Nissan Leaf fail? ›

Early model years of the LEAF have been notorious for having poor battery life, mainly because their batteries aren't liquid-cooled. Liquid cooling is a technology that uses coolants, like water, ethylene glycol, and refrigerant, to keep the battery cool.

Will there be a 2025 Nissan Leaf? ›

The Nissan Leaf electric vehicle (EV) enters the 2025 model year completely unchanged. Nissan has added no new features for the latest model year and will not change the car's price. 2024 Leaf EVs and 2025 Leaf EVs on dealer lots will be identical.

What does NissanConnect EV do? ›

NissanConnect EV app

Manage unique electric vehicle functions from your smartphone, access charging information and climate control remotely.

Do you have to pay to use NissanConnect? ›

If you purchased your vehicle new, you may have a trial available, but you will need to enroll to take advantage of the trial. After the trial is over, you can continue to use NissanConnect Services with a subscription to the features that matter the most to you.

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