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Rescue/Charity62 minutesBoostMillie * Shih Tzu * 240482£500Shih TzuAge: 2 yearsYou can apply to adopt Millie at this link. This is an online form that is very easy to complete. Millie’s animal ID is 240482 Millie is aSouth Derbyshire Wildlife and Animal RescueID verifiedAshbourne(27.2 miles away)Rescue/CharityRescue/Charity1312 hoursBoost💖🐶 MILLIE 🐶💖£550Mixed BreedAge: 1 year1 female‼️ URGENT Foster or Foster to Adopt ‼️ 💖🐶 MILLIE 🐶💖 🇬🇧 Dymock GL18, happy to help with transport 🌟 RBU provided by Paw Help UK 🐶 MILLIE is a beautiful temperament, always happy, loving andDon't Buy, AdoptID verifiedBurton-on-Trent(25.7 miles away)Rescue/CharityRescue/Charity1213 hoursBoost💖🐶 DIXY 🐶💖£550Mixed BreedAge: 1 year1 female❤🐶 DIXY 🐶❤ 🏠 LOOKING FOR FOREVER HOME (ADOPT OR FOSTER-TO-ADOPT) 🏠 🇬🇧 Tamworth, B78 🐾 Available for meets and greets 🌟 RBU and post-adoption support provided 🐶 DIXY is a loving and sweet naDon't Buy, AdoptID verifiedBurton-on-Trent(25.7 miles away)Rescue/CharityRescue/Charity1614 hoursBoostGreyhound Milton (Harby) Now Rehomed£200GreyhoundAge: 3 years1 maleMilton the Greyhound is a large sized white and Black Greyhound dog. Very kind gentle nature like all greyhounds. Milton is a quiet Boy, just likes his bed and walkies. Walks easy on the lead. LoLadymoor Retired GreyhoundsID verifiedBridgnorth(17.7 miles away)Rescue/Charity

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Rescue/Charity37549 minutesCarrie Queen! - like a Great Dane (or a donkey?)£180Mixed BreedAge: 1 year1 femaleWe love Carrie! She reminds us of a Great Dane in size and personality; loveable and a tad dopey (we wouldn't want her any other way!). Carrie is looking for a home where her people understand the neAmicii Dog RescueWorcester(21.9 miles away)Rescue/CharityRescue/Charity2431 hourBARLEY - the joy bringer!£180Mixed BreedAge: 2 years1 maleBarley is about 2.5 years old, and medium in size. He's very friendly and needs a home where his joyful energy can be enjoyed and positively channelled. He needs to be an only dog in the home (althoAmicii Dog RescueWorcester(21.9 miles away)Rescue/Charity71 hourborder collie cross Labrador£300Border CollieAge: 2 yearsDue to circ*mstances I am having to give up my beautiful boy Rolo. Rolo needs someone with an active lifestyle! He is full of energy. Rolo is trained but can be reactive to other dogs if they approachLeah S.Ripley(43.7 miles away)Rescue/Charity710 hoursMeet Cheto: Your Future Wheelie Warrior Companion!£250Mixed BreedAge: 7 years1 maleCheto, a charming mixed-breed boy around seven years old, is seeking his forever home. This lovely boy has special needs but is incredibly smart and loving, making him a wonderful companion. Check ouLove4Dogs RescueID verifiedBurton-on-Trent(26.4 miles away)Rescue/CharityRescue/Charity315 hoursNemo * Labrador * 240483£500Labrador RetrieverAge: 2 yearsNemo is an exceptionally affectionate boy who has just turned 2. He is a very kind boy who just wants to play and have a human to adore. He understands basic commands and is housetrained When he cSouth Derbyshire Wildlife and Animal RescueID verifiedAshbourne(27.2 miles away)Rescue/CharityRescue/Charity1318 hoursBoostLily German shepherd cross £250Mixed BreedAge: 7 yearsLady Lily, shepherd cross 7 years old This gorgeous girl is Lily! She is a wonderful senior lady, who has spent much of her life sadly chained up, but is now enjoying some freedom in Warwickshire. She answers to her name and has good recall on a long lead and also knows a few tricks too. She is very clever and also very loving, she loves fuss and cuddles! She has a gorgeStronger Together Animal Rescue STARID verifiedAtherstone(18.9 miles away)Rescue/CharityRescue/Charity2018 hoursBoostASTRO - a rather stunning boy!£480Mixed BreedAge: 8 months1 maleAstro is now 8 months old and is growing into such a lovely boy. He will be medium/large when fully grown (around 20-25kgs, which is the weight of his parents). He is currently in kennels near Worcester, but we'd love to find him a proper home soon. He has been in foster for most of his short life since being found as a young puppy in Romania along with 9 of his siblings.Amicii Dog RescueWorcester(21.9 miles away)Rescue/CharityRescue/Charity1718 hoursBoostELSA - a lovely lady!£480Mixed BreedAge: 8 months1 femaleElsa is 8 months old, medium in size, although has a little more growing to do (her parents are around 20-25kg). She is a super sweet, cuddly girl who loves other dogs and children (we think children over 8 would be best). Elsa just wants to give you cuddles and kisses all the time, and all she wants in return is a home of her own. She has been in foster for most of her sAmicii Dog RescueWorcester(21.9 miles away)Rescue/CharityRescue/Charity30319 hoursBoostANGEL by name and nature.£250Mixed BreedAge: 5 years1 femaleAngel is about 5 years old, small in size and just a real sweetheart! She is really good with other dogs (she'll need a doggy friend in her home), and can also live with cats and children (aged 14 years). We've recently been able to help Angel get out of kennels by finding her a foster home. This will help us get to know her better, and help her to realise that this is Amicii Dog RescueGloucester(38.9 miles away)Rescue/CharityRescue/Charity13219 hoursBoost💖🐶 BREENA 🐶💖£550Mixed BreedAge: 9 months1 female💖🐶 BREENA 🐶💖 🏠 LOOKING FOR A FOSTER OR FOSTER TO ADOPT 🏠 🇬🇧 Blackburn, BB2 🌟 RBU provided by Paw Help UK. 🐶 BREENA is a happy, beautiful, friendly girl about 6 months old. Medium Small size, 46 cm, 12 kg. • SIZE: MediumSmall size 46cm height/12 kg • SPAYED: No young age • CHARACTER HIGHLIGHTS: very friendly, loving, cheerful, trustful and smart • DOGS: AmazinDon't Buy, AdoptID verifiedBurton-on-Trent(25.7 miles away)Rescue/CharityRescue/Charity24120 hoursBoost💖🐶 FAINA 🐶💖£550Mixed BreedAge: 7 years1 femaleSuch a beautiful small girl. Very very friendly with everyone. Active outside, calm at home. Very cuddly and have so much love to give. Would make a great companion 🎉💖🐶🏠 ❤️🐶 FAINA 🐶❤️ 🏠 LOOKING FOR FOSTER OR FOSTER TO ADOPT 🏠 🇬🇧 Burton on Trent DE15 🐾 Available for meets and greets 🌟 RBU and post-adoption support provided 🐶 Meet FAINA, an adorable small siDon't Buy, AdoptID verifiedBurton-on-Trent(25.7 miles away)Rescue/Charity221 hoursLittle Tilly is looking for her FOREVER home £75DachshundAge: 8 months1 femaleTilly was rehomed for my elderly grandparents last week however due to health circ*mstances they are not able to keep her. I was told she is 8 months old, she is microchipped (I have the details) shLUCY J.ID verifiedNorthampton(46.6 miles away)723 hoursGylly (Show X Working co*cker)£250co*cker SpanielAge: 1 yearGylly is our much loved Show X Working co*cker Spaniel. We are unfortunately having to rehome Gylly and are focused on giving him the best life possible in his new home. Gylly is a friendly, happy andRhianna H.Ludlow(32.6 miles away)1323 hoursBoostKC Registered Akita For Adoption £150AkitaAge: 3 yearsUnfortunately I need to re-home my beautiful 3 year old girl Mia. She was re-homed back in 2021 due to me moving houses and not being allowed more than one dog. I already had a dog whom I had since a puppy. She was 4 years old so I couldn’t part with her at all. Mia had only just turned 1 years old at the time of sale. She was fully trained and very intelligent. Well upon SHANNON L.ID verifiedBedworth(19.5 miles away)Rescue/Charity181 day❤️🐶 DIXY 🐶❤️£550Mixed BreedAge: 1 year1 female❤🐶 DIXY 🐶❤ 🏠 LOOKING FOR FOREVER HOME (ADOPT OR FOSTER-TO-ADOPT) 🏠 🇬🇧 Tamworth, B78 🐾 Available for meets and greets 🌟 RBU and post-adoption support provided 🐶 DIXY is a loving and sweet naDon't Buy, AdoptID verifiedBurton-on-Trent(25.7 miles away)Rescue/CharityRescue/Charity2921 day💖🐶 BAMBY 🐶💖£550Mixed BreedAge: 7 months1 female ❤🐶 BAMBY (ELIKA) 🐶❤ 🏠 LOOKING FOR FOREVER HOME (ADOPT OR FOSTER-TO-ADOPT) 🏠 🇬🇧 Peterborough, PE6 🌟 RBU and post-adoption support provided 🐶 BAMBY (ELIKA) is the most perfect 6.5-month-old Don't Buy, AdoptID verifiedBurton-on-Trent(25.7 miles away)Rescue/Charity



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Dogs for adoption in West Midlands | Pets4Homes (2024)
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