Chickens, Young Hen, Pullet, 31 Kinds & 2025 Rio Grande Turkey/Guinea - farm & garden - by dealer - sale - craigslist (2024)

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You must have an appointment to visit Bird and Bee Farm.

To make an appointment to purchase 3+ poultry go the the home page of our website We are taking appointments for Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings from 8 - 11 am. Please read the Bio Security Requirements and Payment Methods Prior to booking your Appointment.

People making large purchases of 20 or more pullets may need more time so call or text Cindy and we will make a plan. . (click reply for phone number)

We currently have over 900 for sale in 31 varieties 2.5 to 5 months old, guaranteed pullets. View a complete inventory that is updated daily at

We vaccinate additional pullets every week or two in order to maintain an inventory. We specialize in STARTED PULLETS, guaranteed girls, that are two months old or older and raised to lay eggs or be pets. We feature many standard size colored egg layers, blue, green, chocolate colored and more. We also feature several very good egg layers and some VERY gentle pullets!

Birds of a Feather Flock Together
For harmony in your Coop Purchase Chickens in Groups

We always recommend purchasing in groups of two or more per variety. We sell a few breeds that are so sweet they need a buddy, on those breeds we insist you purchase at least two as noted on our website. We love our birds and want you to be successful.
** It is highly suggested that our gentle/tender breeds be purchased in groups of 2 or more.

Pullets less than 4.5 months old need to be housed separately from older chickens or special considerations should be made. We are happy to discuss.

Availability for week of June 20th.

2.5 Month Old Pullets, Young Hens For Sale
Standard $26
Barred Plymouth Rock
Rare $28
ISA Brown
Calico Princess
Buff Brahma (only 2)
Light Brahma (only 7)
Dark Brahma
Americana - Easter Egger
Buff Orpington
Very Rare $30
Olive Egger
Blue Star - Sapphire Gem
Midnight Madjesty Maran
Whiting True Green
**Black Cochin
**Blue Cochin

3 Month Old Pullets, Young Chickens For Sale
Rare $30
Black Jersey Giants
Very Rare $32
Blue Copper Maran
Black Copper Maran
Cream Legbar
Olive Egger
Fancy $37
** Cream Brabanter

3.5 Month Old Pullets, Young Chickens For Sale
Rare $32
Calico Princess
Mystic Onyx
Buff Orpington
ISA Brown
Americana - Easter Egger
Very Rare $34
Midnight Majesty Maran
Sapphire Gem
Salmon Favorelle
** Black Cochin
** Blue Cochin

4 Month Old Pullets, Young Hens For Sale
Standard $32
Rhode Island Red
Rare $34
Americana - Easter Eggers
Very Rare $36
Blue Barnvelder (only 4)
Olive Eggers (only 1)
Blue Copper Maran (only 5)
Black Copper Maran
Blue Laced Red Wyndotte (only 5)
Fancy $41
** Cream Brabanter

4.5 Month Old Pullets, Young Chickens For Sale
Standard $34
Delaware (only 1)
Rare $36
Black Jersey Giants (only 4)
Very Rare $38
** White Cochin (only 3)
** Black Cochin (only 7)
Blue Star - Sapphire Gem (only 2)

5 Month Old Pullets, Young Hens For Sale
Rare $38
Gold Laced Wyndotte (only 1)
Barnvelder (only 4)

We have a limited supply of young co*ckerels and they are 1/2 the price of a Pullet

Bird and Bee Farm sells Hatches of Rio's to large farms and ranches across Texas and beyond. To hold a 2025 hatch we require a $500 deposit so we know your serious. We put 36 eggs in the hatcher and you are committing to purchase how many hatch, usually 28-32. We keep them together since is has been proven there is a kin relationship between Rio Brothers that assures the strength of the Rafter. When you pick up your Rio's at three months old you will be charged $110 per Rio less your $500 deposit. You are welcome to call Cindy to discuss 512-808-8533 and you can obtain more information here

Smaller farms or ranches may purchase Poults, one week old for $39 each - one month old for $65 each, or three months old $110 each ($135 for small quantity sexed) and ages in between priced accordingly. A recommended minimum purchase is 6, they are sold straight run (unsexed). Call to schedule 2025 Rio's today!

At 1-month they can be kept outside but require some sort of coop or barn, at 3-months old your Rios can forage and provide chemical free pest control on your Farm or Ranch.

If you want 2024 Rio Grande Wild Turkey you should contact us NOW to ensure you get yours. The bookings have just started and we have already taken so many requests. Call or Text Cindy (click reply for phone number)

If you want 3 Month Old Guinea Fowl that have never been let out (this way your home is there home) you can reserve yours for Winter/Fall 2025. They will be $30 each, call or text Cindy (click reply for phone number) and let her know how many you want.

For more information on Rio Grande Wild Turkey Visit their page on this website. You can also find it here

If transportation is a problem we an can suggest Livestock Haulers.

Bird and Bee Farm is centrally located in Texas, one hour from Austin, Waco, College Station, Bastrop and Brenham. 2.5 hours from San Antonio, Houston and Dallas. It is the perfect destination for a road trip. Make a vacation our of it and stay at:
Rockdale's Historic Rainbow Courts, the oldest Motor Court in Texas, affordable, clean and beautifully decorated.
The Modern Molly, recently featured on the show the Tiny House Show.

Road Trip, Fun Places to Stay and CHEMICAL FREE PEST CONTROL! What's holding you back!

Bird and Bee Farm is a Conservation Project that sells Started Started Pullets to fund the project. We are unique in the fact that our pullets are all vaccinated for Mereks, Coccidiosis, Fowl Pox, Pigeon Pox and A.E. All our Started Pullets are at least 2 months old and ready to live in a chicken coop. Note; no vaccine provides 100% protection.

Bird and Bee Farm has joined forces with Texas Parks and Wildlife and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services to establish a 100 acre Original Native Prairie-Oak Savannah Habitat. When you purchase from us you are supporting our efforts. To Learn More about our Native Prairie visit our website

A little Breed Information, more available on our website;

ISA Browns are one of the top sellers in the industry because of the number of Large, Medium Brown eggs they lay and their demeanor. A docile bird, extremely easy to work with.

Americana/Easter Egger Chickens are great egg layers, they lay large to extra large eggs that vary in shades from blue, green, olive, aqua and sometimes even pinkish. Easter Eggs are exceptionally friendly and hardy.

Ameraucana Chickens are well known for Large Blue Tinted Eggs. They come in many colors and are also friendly and hardy.

Ancona is a close relative to the Leghorn that is often referred to as the Mottled Leghorn. A hardy white egg layer that is a good forager when free to range.

Australorp Chickens are one of the most popular producers of large brown eggs and they are known for their persistence of lay even in hot weather.

Barnevelder Chickens are sought after for their dark brown eggs. This beautiful bird is hardy and quiet and doesn't mind being confined.

Blue Gem and Sapphire Gem Chickens are brand new sex-link chicken that will amaze you with their blue and lavender colored plumage. The Czech originated breed is an excellent brown egg layer and great forager. It does well in hot climates.

Brabanter Chickens are a rare ancient breed of crested chicken. Eggs are large white to slightly tinted in color. The Brabanter has tuft feathers down the center of her head that makes her appear to be sporting a Mohawk. They have muffs and beards. A hardy chicken that does well as free-range birds and in confinement. The Brabanter is a relatively docile chicken.

Brahma Chickens are large chickens that make ideal pets as they are quiet, gentle and easy to handle. They make great mothers and love to hatch their pretty brown eggs!

Cochin Chickens have inspired many people keep chickens as a hobby or pass time. Cochin's are large chickens with an abundance of feathers and a calm disposition. They lay brown eggs.

Delaware Chickens are hardy birds that mature quickly. Hens are good layers of large to jumbo brown eggs. They are a dual purpose breed that does well in free range operations or confinement.

Favorelles are a docile breed that have beards, muff’s, feathered feet with five toes and are good layers of pinkish colored eggs. They make great pets and because of their large size are considered to be a good dual purpose breed.

Gold Sex Links are a breed cross using Rhode Island Red males and Rhode Island White females. This cross, which is one of the most popular used in commercial layer operations, is an efficient producer of large brown eggs.

Java is a critically endangered old breed, developed in America from Asian stock. In fact, the Java was used as a foundation to develop many American breeds, including the Rhode Island Red and the Plymouth Rock. They are calm and bear confinement well, but are also excellent foragers that lay brown eggs.

Jersey Giants are the largest breed of chicken, weighing 10 to 13 pounds. They are a dual-purpose breed and they Lay Large Brown Eggs.

Leghorns lay large white eggs almost every day. An active, vigorous and hardy chicken. White and Danish varieties will be available throughout the year.

Marans are "Chocolate Eggers" meaning their eggs are a Deep Chocolate Brown color. If you value a colorful egg basket, Marans are a "MUST" for your flock!

Olive Eggers are an exciting breed of chickens that typically lay various shades of olive colored eggs. They are created by crossing a dark brown egg layer with a blue egg layer.

Orpington Chickens are excellent Large Brown Egg layers with good meat quality. Their docile temperament also makes them great pets!

Plymouth Rock Chickens are a very popular American breed. They are a docile great Brown Egg Layer as well as a good meat bird.

Polish Chickens are sweet, beautiful exhibition birds known for their "hairdos" as they have mops of feathers on top of their head. White egg layers of small to medium size eggs.

Rhode Island Red is one of the most famous and all time popular breeds of truly American chickens. They are productive Large Brown Egg Layers!

Wyandottes are a favorite among backyard flock owners for their dependable egg laying, easygoing nature, hardiness, and the great variety of beautiful feather patterns available.

Welsummers are famous for their deep reddish brown egg color, many of the eggs are also speckled! They are good foragers meaning you will save on feed if you allow them to range freely.

Whiting True Blue, Prairie Bluebell and Arctic Blue Eggers are new breeds having varying feather patterns and coloration to add beauty to your flock. If you are looking for a bird that will lay like a leghorn, but you want blue eggs, these are the way to go.

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Chickens, Young Hen, Pullet, 31 Kinds & 2025 Rio Grande Turkey/Guinea - farm & garden - by dealer - sale - craigslist (2024)


What is a 12 week old chicken called? ›

A teenage chicken is called a pullet (female) or co*ckerels (male). Backyard chickens are considered teenagers from 4 to 17 weeks of age. Feed a chick starter feed from day 1 through 18 weeks of age or when the first egg appears, at which time you can switch to a chicken layer feed.

How old is a pullet chicken? ›

Pullets refer to young chickens that are less than one year of age. Order sexed pullet chicks when purchasing layers. You don't need males in a layer flock unless you want fertile eggs for hatching and most city ordinances for backyard chickens prohibit roosters.

What is a pullet chicken farm? ›

A pullet farm is simply one that raises chicks from hatching until they are ready to produce eggs when they are moved to a laying barn.

What are year old chickens called? ›

Young chickens are called chicks. Female chicks are pullets (up to a year of age) and male chicks are co*ckerels (up to a year of age). So when referring to a certain chick, I might say "This is a pullet chick" to indicate a female baby chicken. Pullets become hens and co*ckerels become roosters. They're ALL chickens.

At what age can you tell if a chicken is a rooster? ›

At 4 – 6 months old, hackle feathers will start to form on the neck and tail feathers. A male's hackle feathers will be long and pointy, while a female's will be round. Males will also grow sickle feathers, the long, curvy, upright feathers at the top of the tail.

At what age is a chicken full grown? ›

It depends on the breed. Your average chicken will reach its adult size and sexual maturity by about 18 weeks. This is when hens start to lay and males have the ability to fertilize. However, some breeds of fast growing meat birds can reach market size by eight weeks.

What food makes chicken grow faster? ›

The best food for chickens to grow fast is nutrient-rich feeds that contain essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals to help chickens accelerate their growth trajectory. A homemade broiler booster can contain garlic. cloves, turmeric, black pepper, bitter kola, ginger, cayenne, and thyme.

Can a pullet turn into a rooster? ›

A hen to rooster transformation is most definitely possible no matter how impossible it may seem. This occurrence usually occurs due to a genetic condition where the chickens only functioning ovary is damaged. The non-functioning ovary can then start to develop into a structure known as an avo-testis.

How do you tell if a chick is a pullet? ›

Look at the wing feathers of a chick on the first or second day after hatching. co*ckerel chickens wing feathers would be all the same length. Pullets wing feathers would be in two layers of different length.

How long do pullet chickens live? ›

As hens age they will naturally start laying fewer eggs with many hens slowing down production around 6 or 7 years of age and retirement shortly after. Many laying hens can live several years into retirement with average life expectancy between 8 and 10 years.

What breed of chicken lay olive eggs? ›

Some of the most popular crosses are called Easter Egger or Olive Egger chickens. Easter Eggers can lay a variety of egg colors, from blue to green and sometimes even pink. Olive Eggers are aptly named for the olive-colored eggs they lay and are a result of crossing brown egg layers with blue egg layers.

Can you eat old egg-laying chickens? ›

Most older hens really aren't good for eating. They're a bit tougher and more “gamey”, but you could always try! Some people swear by low and slow…if you cook them on low and slow, you can make anything taste good! If you're not up for that, you could cook them and then use the bones for bone broth.

What is the best food for laying hens? ›

The best feed for laying hens is a complete feed with 16-18 % protein. A premium feed will have better quality ingredients and is more likely to have a carefully balanced ratio of key amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Some people prefer a vegetarian diet for their hens.

How old do chickens need to be to eat scratch? ›

Ideally, wait until birds are 18 weeks old before introducing treats and scratch. It is important that birds receive proper nutrition in early development. If you can't wait to spoil your birds, then wait until the flock is at least 12 weeks old.

What is a BBY chicken called? ›

Chicks are baby chickens! Baby chickens are called chicks, 3 month old females are called pullets (until they start laying eggs around 6 months), adult females who lay eggs are hens, and males are roosters, co*cks, or co*ckerels.

What are the names of chickens by age? ›

Chickens labeled as "Broiler-fryers" are young, tender chicken about 7 weeks old; "Roasters" are older chicken, about 3 to 5 months old; "Capons" are male chickens about 16 weeks to 8 months old; and "Stewing/Baking Hens" are mature laying hens 10 months to 1 1/2 years old.

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