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Augusten Burroughs is a talented person. He was born in America on October 23, 1965. He has earned a lot of money as a screenwriter, essayist, and memoirist, with a net worth of $5 million.

If you ever felt like life was holding you back from pursuing your dreams, you should check out this article about Augusten's amazing journey!

Here's the scoop on how he went from a tough start to being recognized worldwide, all while staying true to himself and not giving up any part of who he is. Get ready for a peek into the genius behind your favorite pieces and how he made it big despite facing numerous challenges!

Where Did Augusten Burroughs Grow Up and Where Was Augusten Burroughs Born?

Augusten Burroughs is a well-known American writer and screenwriter. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 23, 1965. Despite the busy city life, Mr. Burroughs discovered his passion for writing during his teenage years and even had his first piece published at the young age of eighteen!

Over the years, he has become a well-respected writer of memoirs and essays. He talks about things like mental health, addiction, family, and relationships in a clever and wise way. Augusten Burroughs, who is now 58 years old, has returned to Pittsburgh, his hometown, after many years of traveling the world. He has turned his life experiences into acclaimed pieces of art, making him one of America's top modern writers.

How Old is Augusten Burroughs? Augusten Burroughs Age and Birthday Info

Augusten Burroughs is 57 years old. On October 23, 1965, this famous writer was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Augusten Burroughs has had a busy and successful time every year. He started as a young writer and is now a well-known author in America. He has gone through many different experiences and is now part of a cultural change.

Augusten Burroughs' work is now taught in classrooms across the United States because of its significant influence. At 57 years old, he remains active, regularly writing and working on multiple new projects, while also inspiring many authors with his distinctive outlook on life.

It's exciting to mark another birthday for the talented Augusten Burroughs. We are proud to see him keep breaking new ground and making an impact in the world of literature for years to come!

What is Augusten Burroughs's Zodiac Sign

Augusten Burroughs was born on October 23, 1965, and is a Scorpio. Scorpios are recognized for being very passionate and creative, qualities that make them great professionals in writing - just like Augusten.

One of the most famous memoir writers and essayists today is Burroughs. He is also skilled at writing for movies, using his captivating storytelling and strong attention to detail. These traits are associated with his Scorpio traits - being very loyal and determined in their work, qualities that Burroughs fully embraces.

He works hard, is sensitive, and has strong morals. He will definitely keep succeeding in the future!

How Augusten Burroughs Became Famous

Augusten Burroughs got well-known for writing his memoir, Running with Scissors (2002), and other books. He now also writes essays, scripts for movies, and gives speeches.

He looks even better with 57 years under the spotlight. Augusten Burroughs, a stylish and witty man, has been entertaining people since 2002 with his first memoir, Running with Scissors.

He had a big success with his popular book that was well-received by critics. It was a strong criticism of suburban life. This made him famous as a great writer in modern literature. Over twenty years later, he still impresses readers with fresh insights into today's culture. He does this through thoughtful essays in Vanity Fair and movies like Carol (2015).

However, it's not just his concise writing style that captivates us - over the years, we also enjoy witnessing the evolution of this innovative writer in his published works and adaptations: adapting to modern trends while remaining faithful to the core themes of his initial creations. In the words of Augusten himself, "Write what you know...And then make sure you know more" - wisdom that we hold dear!

Augusten Burroughs Nationality and Ethnicity

Augusten Burroughs is from America and writes screenplays, essays, and memoirs. His background has inspired him in his work, using his own identity to create stories that many people can connect with.

Growing up in America shaped his emotional intelligence, making him unique. His stories, whether in essays or movie scripts, convey messages about being true to oneself no matter the challenges.


Augusten Burroughs became famous for his popular memoir "Running with Scissors," which helped him earn $5 million. He is a well-known American writer whose works have been loved by many. Burroughs has made a big impact on the literary world with his honest and personal writing style.

Early Life

Augusten Burroughs was born on October 23, 1965, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His childhood was different and difficult because his parents separated when he was only 12 years old. After the separation, his mother's doctor adopted him, and they moved to Massachusetts. Burroughs' early life, although tough and unusual, has had a big impact on his writing and made his memoirs very real.


Augusten Burroughs had a big influence in the book world when he released his memoir "Running with Scissors". The book came out in 2002 and quickly became a bestseller in the New York Times, making Burroughs well-known. It tells the story of his unique childhood and shows how his family was different from others.

After the success of "Running with Scissors," Burroughs kept writing more memoirs that were praised by reviewers. One standout is "Dry," from 2003, where he talks about dealing with alcoholism and getting better. He also writes about advertising, psychiatry, religion, and consumer culture.

Burroughs has also written shorter pieces for famous magazines like The New York Times, Black Book Magazine, and New York Magazine. He had a regular column in Details magazine and appeared on National Public Radio's Morning Edition as a commentator.

His success hit a high point in the mid-2000s when the book "Running with Scissors" became a movie in 2006. This made him even more popular and brought in more fans.

How much money does Augusten Burroughs have?

Augusten Burroughs is an American writer who is worth $5 million. He became famous for his bestselling memoir, Running with Scissors. Born on October 23, 1965, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, his parents divorced in 1978 when he was 12 years old. He ended up being adopted by his mother's psychiatrist in Massachusetts. Burroughs left school after sixth grade and got his GED at 17. His books are published by St. Martin's Press.

Martin's Press and Picador published a book called Running with Scissors that tells about some of his childhood experiences. Another book he wrote in 2003, Dry, is about his time in and after alcoholism treatment. His writing now focuses on topics like advertising, psychiatrists, religious families, and home shopping networks. Besides his books, he has also written for publications such as The New York Times, Home & Garden, Black Book Magazine, New York Magazine, Bark, Attitude, and Out. Burroughs writes a regular column for Details magazine and used to be a commentator on National Public Radio's Morning Edition. People, The Guardian, and Entertainment Weekly have featured him in their publications. Entertainment Weekly ranked him 15th on their 2005 list of "The 25 Funniest People in America" and named him to their "It List". His career reached new heights in the mid-2000s when Running with Scissors was turned into a film in 2006.

Personal Life

Augusten Burroughs likes to keep his personal life private. But we do know that his father was a famous philosopher and his mother was a poet. Burroughs has dealt with alcoholism and his recovery has greatly impacted his writing.

We don't know much about his personal life, relationships, and family because Burroughs keeps a low profile when he's not writing.

Components of Net Worth

Augusten Burroughs makes most of his money from selling his books. He's a successful writer, so he gets a lot of money from book sales and good publishing deals. Also, turning his life story into a movie helped him earn even more.

Burroughs has a lot of fans who consistently buy his books and bring in a steady income. Working with famous publications and being a commentator and columnist probably helped increase his net worth.

Although we don't know the specific details of his net worth, it's safe to say that his $5 million comes mostly from his book sales and related projects.

In summary, Augusten Burroughs is a successful American writer with a net worth of $5 million. His engaging storytelling and honest personal accounts in his memoirs have connected with readers globally, bringing him both critical praise and commercial prosperity.

Augusten Burroughs Net Worth + How Get Famous - Gemtracks Beats (2024)
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