All the men who made headlines as the 'boyfriend' of Girls Generation stunner Yoona (2024)

Dubbed the ‘nation’s ideal type’ in South Korea — Girls Generation’s visual and centre has found herself amid several dating ‘scandals’. However, her dating history is quite short. We’re taking a look at the rumoured and official relationships of Im Yoona, through the men who’ve been called her boyfriend.

From dropping hits like Time Machine and Genie with the K-pop girl group Girls Generation (SNSD) to bagging awards by the dozen — Im Yoona has been there, done that. The actress-singer has starred in several popular Korean dramas and movies — including Prime Minister & I (2013), The K2 (2016), Confidential Assignment (2017), and more recently King The Land (2023). Her stellar performance as a lead, conniving on-screen romances and jaw-dropping good looks translated to a general reputation for being South Korea’s most ‘ideal type.’

To add to this, several actors have gone on to confess their crushes on her in interviews and variety shows, including BIGBANG’s Daesung and Super Junior’s Leeteuk. When asked about her taste in men, Yoona stated, “It might be every woman’s ideal type, but I hope there is someone who can communicate well with me,” according to a report by Asia Today. She has also gushed over Japanese actor Takuya Kimura in shows. However, the dating history of Im Yoona is a medley of rumoured relationships, with only one confirmed boyfriend. We take a look at them all.

Im Yoona’s boyfriend-s through the years

2023,2024: Lee Junho

The romantic Korean Drama King The Land sees Yoona essay the role of a cheery hotelier. In it, she locks horns and eventually falls in love with a hotel conglomerate heir played by Lee Jun-ho. Electric chemistry between the two led to dating rumours — which were further fuelled when fans dug up old interactions between the 2PM singer, where he confessed to Yoona being his ideal type. However, Im Yoona and Lee Jun-ho two rubbished the relationship rumours.

YoonA’s agency SM Entertainment was quoted by Soompi saying, “The two are just close and the dating rumours are not true.” Adding to this, Lee Junho’s agency JYP Entertainment noted, “The two are close, but upon checking [with Lee Junho], the dating rumours are groundless.”

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2016: Ji Chang Wook

K2 saw Yoona play the role of a reclusive stepdaughter of a powerful man. In it, she falls for her bodyguard — played by popular actor Ji Chang Wook. In an interview, the latter noted that the two had gotten close quite quickly, “We met for the first time for this drama. Honestly, I’m pretty shy, but there’s a reason why we couldn’t help but get closer,” he was quoted saying by Soompi.

“We had some intimate scenes scheduled for filming in Spain, and it would be awkward if we weren’t close, so the director told us it’d be better if we got to know each other,” he revealed before further explaining, “So when we got to Spain, I asked YoonA to have coffee with me and we talked a lot. After that, we naturally got much closer.” This, combined with their chemistry on screen, gave rise to dating rumours. However, the actor quickly denied them all.

2015: Li Yi Feng

Im Yoona is quite popular in China — starring in advertisem*nts, engaging in brand activities, and starring in dramas. She found herself caught up in dating rumours after featuring in popular singer and actor Li Yi Feng’s music video for the song Please Contact Me. According to the Korea Herald, it all began when Care Gossip Association, a Weibo account centred on celebrity news, posted an article titled Are Li Yifeng and Yoona friends or lovers? The schedules of the two are summarised. It alleged that the two were often spotted at similar places, even when their schedules didn’t overlap. This was picked up by a few Chinese media outlets, fuelling the rumours. In a few stories, he’d stated he had a partner, despite Yoona never calling him her boyfriend. However, SM Entertainment simply stated that the claim is untrue.

2014-2015: Lee Seung Gi

Rounding out this line-up is the only relationship that Yoona has had in the public eye. On New Year’s Day in 2014, entertainment site Dispatch revealed that singer and actor Lee Seung Gi had been the boyfriend Yoona for a few months — dropping photos of the former getting into the latter’s car on several occasions. A few other reports added a mutual interest in golf. Soon, their respective agencies confirmed the news.

“The two are in the beginning stages of getting to know each other,” Yoona’s agency SM Entertainment noted. Meanwhile, Lee’s representative Hook Entertainment stated, “Lee Seung-gi and YoonA’s feelings for one another are mutual and they are dating.” It added, “We understand that their relationship has just started. The two have been taking things slowly so please congratulate them,” Korea Herald reported.

After a year and a half of dating, however, the two called it quits, with both agencies stating they’d decided to ‘remain as good colleagues.’

Hero and Feature images: Courtesy Lee Seung Gi/Yoona/Lee Junho

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– Who dated YoonA?

Publicly, Yoona has only been in a relationship with actor and singer Lee Seungi.

– When did YoonA and Seung Gi date?

Yoona and Seungi dated for a year and a half from 2014 to 2015.

The information in this article is accurate as of the date of publication.

All the men who made headlines as the 'boyfriend' of Girls Generation stunner Yoona (2024)
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