All Aberration Artifact locations in Ark: Survival Evolved (2024)

Abberation is one of Ark: Survival Evolved’s most challenging expansions. This map is set underground in a place with little sunlight and plenty of danger, even by Ark’s standards. With radioactive zones, terrifying creatures, and plenty of winding, confusing layers, it can be a tough map for most players. Despite this, however, it is one of the maps you’ll need to complete if you’re looking to unlock Tek gear, such as the Tek Sleeping Pod and the Railgun. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the three Artifacts on Aberration in Ark: Survival Evolved.

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What you’ll need to find the Artifacts on Aberration in Ark: Survival Evolved

Aberration, by default, does not allow flying creatures, so you’ll have to travel through on foot with a glider or a Bloodstalker if you have one. The Artifact caves are always littered with hostile creatures, so make sure you bring a strong weapon, armor, and plenty of ammunition. Med Brews are also highly advised.

Where to find the Artifact of the Depths in Ark: Survival Evolved

All Aberration Artifact locations in Ark: Survival Evolved (1)

This Artifact is located just past the Portal zone, near the tall mushrooms. It’s very close to the large lake that’s there and very easy to find. The entrance to this cave is at 48.2, 27.3 and is marked by glowing orange crystals. The start of this cave isn’t tough, but as you descend further inwards, you’re going to find a lot of difficult creatures. This cave starts with a simple collection of Pulmunoscorpius and a few Seekers, but as you go down further, you’ll find Karkinos, Raptors, Arthropluera, and Carnos everywhere.

You’ll also find Ravagers, which are unique creatures that were introduced with Aberration expansion. Once you’ve entered the cave, you’ll need to make your way into the first waterfall chamber and look for the secret path behind the second, smaller waterfall to find the Artifact. The Artifact’s location is 51.2, 23.8, and should be above a small pool of water.

Where to find the Artifact of the Shadows in Ark: Survival Evolved

All Aberration Artifact locations in Ark: Survival Evolved (2)

This Artifact is one of the most complicated and annoying ones to get to. You’ll have to head to the Hidden Grotto, and the entrance to this is at 55.0, 65.8 in the lake. It’s a long tunnel that you’ll have to swim down, so pack your Scuba Gear. You’ll have to follow the purple crystals at the bottom and then swim up from there. The next part of this cave is land-based and filled with usual cave-dwelling creatures, so keep your weapon at the ready. Be aware if you’re climbing with Climbing Picks or Grapples (if you’re on a modded server), you’re going to lose your tether if there’s an earthquake.

You can also make use of a Zip Line, or if you have a Bloodstalker that you’ve brought from another map, you can use that. Note that there are further segments of water, so make sure your Scuba gear has enough Durability to last that long, and there are plenty of dangerous water creatures like Karkinos, Electrophorus, Anglerfish, and Piranhas. The Artifact of the Shadows is on a metal platform at 50.5, 72.6 once you clear a water tunnel. A good method to navigate through the cave is to follow the pillars that have glowing hexagon patterns.

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Where to find the Artifact of the Stalker in Ark: Survival Evolved

All Aberration Artifact locations in Ark: Survival Evolved (3)

This is more of a cavern than a cave, but it’s still incredibly dangerous. You’ll have to bring a Hazard Suit with you, thanks to the radiation both inside and outside the area and the entrance is around 80.9, 47.6. A recommended Mount here is a Rock Drake, as it will make ascending the many levels much easier. Inside, you’re going to find all the usual cave creatures, including the Aberration ones like Seekers, Nameless, and, if you’re not careful, a Reaper.

The cave is divided into purple and blue sections of lighting, and you’re going to want to head to the blue lighting, and you’ll find the Artifact at the very top of the cave, right up against the ceiling. It should be around 91.6, 51.4, and near a tall glowing blue panel of crystal.

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All Aberration Artifact locations in Ark: Survival Evolved (2024)
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