A Closer Look At The Peterbilt 389 (2024)

A Closer Look At The Peterbilt 389 (1)

Peterbilt’s 389 on-highway truck has a distinct appearance dating back to the manufacturer’s popular 379 and 359 models.

The long, aluminum hood and polished-steel louvered grille of Peterbilt’s 389 harks back to the company’s legendary 379 and 359 models. This instantly recognizable design is just one of the reasons Peterbilt calls the 389 an “icon of the road,” as the platform is also known for providing drivers with the highest levels of power and load capacity. Peterbilt combines the truck’s powerful performance with a spacious, comfortable cab built to handle long stretches on the road.

389 Options

Modern Peterbilt 389 trucks feature either PACCAR’s powerful and lightweight MX-13 (up to 510 horsepower/380 kilowatts) engines or Cummins’ fuel-efficient ISX15 (up to 605 HP/451 kW) engines. The top-end PACCAR MX-13 engine can deliver 1,850 pounds-foot (2,508 newton-meters) of torque, while the flagship Cummins ISX15 can produce 2,050 lbf-ft (2780 N-m) of torque. Peterbilt’s 389 powertrain can include a variety of Eaton Fuller, TTC Spicer, and Allison transmissions to complement driver preferences and usage scenarios.

A Closer Look At The Peterbilt 389 (2)

Limited-edition 389 Pride & Class models dazzle with a wide variety of polished exterior components. (Photo courtesy of Peterbilt.)

The highly customizable truck is able to support such a wide selection of transmission and engine configurations in part due to the 131-inch (3,327-millimeter) bumper to back of cab (BBC) length, or 4 in. longer than the Peterbilt 379. The Peterbilt 389 is offered in day cab and sleeper cab options, with sleeper cabs available in 44-, 58-, 72-, and 78-in. (1,117-, 1,473-, 1,828-, and 1,981-mm) configurations. Buyers can select from a Low Roof cab or UltraCab in Platinum or Prestige trim levels.

Technology For The Long Haul

The traditional long-nosed Peterbilt exterior of the 389 gives way to a modern interior full of the latest technology. The digital displays, for example, give drivers a wide selection of information from the ergonomic dash, including real-time information like trailer reservoir air pressure, fuel flow rate, and air pressure. A 7-inch touchscreen in the middle of the dash can be equipped with Peterbilt’s SmartNav system for GPS navigation with routes customized to the size and weight of the truck, as well as quick access to the audio system featuring Bluetooth connectivity. The 389 also comes with ports for up to four cameras, giving operators and fleet managers lots of options for monitoring areas around the truck. If equipped with onboard Wi-Fi, drivers can access Peterbilt’s WiFi Mobile Care app and perform critical system updates on the go.

A Closer Look At The Peterbilt 389 (3)

You’ll find a constantly rotating selection of Peterbilt 389 trucks for sale on TruckPaper.com. (Photo courtesy of Peterbilt.)

Pride & Class Models

Peterbilt 389 models with the Pride & Class package were made available in limited production runs in 2014, 2017, and 2020. These 389 trucks feature a polished hood crown, spine, and fenders, among a number of other exterior style enhancements. The interior also receives a style upgrade with Blackwood-finished trim accents and a Platinum Artic Gray interior.

Find The Right Peterbilt Truck

The thousands of new and used Peterbilt trucks for sale at TruckPaper.com includes hundreds of Peterbilt 389s and a few limited-edition for sale today.

Source: Peterbilt

Posted On December 31, 2021

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A Closer Look At The Peterbilt 389 (2024)
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