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  art gallery of fruit labels that are colorful antique posters from the first half of the last century.

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Antique Label Company began the business of collecting long forgotten, left over and ignored American Fruit Crate Labels in 1979.

Crawling around second story attics of century old fruit packing sheds searching for these colorful vintage advertising labels seemed like a lot of fun; but it was very dusty. That hundred year-old dust had settled, become crusty or compacted, and could be a fair fraction of an inch deep. There were indeed unused crate labels in those packinghouse attics; and sometimes they lay under the floorboards or inside of a hollow wall. Often there were a good number of them; having been put away for later use well over half a century earlier; never returned for and long forgotten.

Growers were helpful, sometimes surprised that their old sheds contained such colorful vintage commercial art posters. Others knew exactly where Grandad's labels were resting in their old age, sometimes in the Company safe or farmhouse closet. If this all sounds too easy please note that it was also possible to get "run off the property". A trip through Idaho apple country, the Okanogan Valley of Eastern Washington and British Columbia is bound to turn up a few interesting and collectible fruit crate labels. California and Oregon certainly still have undiscovered treasures. Even Utah gave up a stack of fine old apple box labels recently. The search continues!

With An Apple A Day now operating Antique Label Company we have been able to expand our art showings throughout the West Coast states.

Please check our Arts and Crafts Show Schedule for the latest updates.

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